CALM 300mg Cold-Pressed Hemp CBD Capsules


Introducing Grass & Co. CALM 300mg CBD+ Vegan Capsules, the perfect way to calm your mind and body. This on-the-go capsule contains cold-pressed hemp powder delivering a full spectrum of cannabinoids, and Ashwagandha, all designed to help you relax.

CALM's unique CBD+ and botanical formulation is enhanced with Vitamins B5, B6 & B12 to support mental performance and psychological function. Each flavourless capsule contains approximately 10mg of full spectrum cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa, CBG, and others. It contains only trace quantities of THC.

When first using your Grass & Co. CALM CBD+ Capsules, we recommend you start low and go slow. Take the capsule with water at a time that works for you. For best results, use alongside the Grass & Co. CALM CBD Oil drops and maintain your CBD routine daily. Take care not to exceed the recommended limit of 70mg CBD per day.

Choose Grass & Co. CALM 300mg CBD+ Vegan Capsules and experience a sense of relaxation, with added vitamin B12 to support your psychological function.

30 Vegan Capsules


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Our mission is to help our customers reconnect with nature, by launching only the highest quality CBD blended with great-tasting botanical ingredients and beneficial vitamins. Our unique product range and formulations inspire well-being and have been specially created to work with your body to deliver uplifting results.

The Grass & Co. team work tirelessly to source the finest CBD Oil in Europe and enhance it with the most delicious botanicals and beneficial vitamins.

We’re proud of the Grass & Co. products that we’ve developed. All our ingredients are natural, sustainable and ethically sourced. Our CBD is legally grown in the EU and cultivated without harmful chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Every batch is independently lab tested. We will always be totally transparent and rigorous about our ingredients and sustainability.